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Article: How to Clean your Moissanite Jewelry

How to Clean your Moissanite Jewelry

Many people tend to mistake Moissanite for diamonds. It is a beautiful gemstone, completely colorless and possessing a different sparkle. The other thing that makes it stand out from other stones is the way it transforms the jewelry in which it is used.

The harder a material, the less easy it is to scratch. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, Moissanite is ranked 9.25 second, only after diamond (10) which is the hardest mineral on Earth. But there is not much difference, which makes it one of the most valuable gemstones on the planet.

Cleaning a Moissanite Ring

If you have a gorgeous moissanite engagement ring, a simple moissanite or diamond necklace, bracelet or any other moissanite and diamond  jewelry, you know how essential it is to keep them clean. Cleaning is necessary for the gemstones to shine and sparkle and its fire to remain.

Moissanite tends to get dull from the oil from soaps, cosmetics, skin, and your activities throughout the day. Grease and oil can have much of an impact on them but nothing a quick cleaning can't fix! It is preferred you clean your Moissanite and diamond jewelry at least once a month to make them shine, sparkle and look brand new! 

Here are a few simple ways to wash and make your Moissanite gemstones sparkle and look best.

  • Our favorite! Soft toothbrush, dish soap and hot to warm water, that's it! Want your Moissanite jewelry to look beautiful? Prepare a bowl of warm to hot soapy water first. Make sure you are using liquid dish soap to do so (It is discouraged to use any abrasive cleaners). Brush the jewelry carefully  with a soft toothbrush and then rinse it well under hot water. You may then leave the jewelry to air dry, use a hair dryer or paper towel as you wish.This can be done as often as you'd like
  • Use a commercial home jewelry cleaner: You always have the option of buying a non-toxic liquid cleaner for your Moissanite jewelry. These cleaners are extremely effective in removing the dirt and the film that can accumulate on your jewelry.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners: This is the method used by most jewelers before shipping their customers’ orders. They fill the machine with water and a cleaning solution and then place the Moissanite jewelry inside it. In a few minutes, when the cleaning process is completed, they take out the jewelry which is now clean and shining. This method is not recommended to use outside of a jewelry shop because the stones may become loose due to the vibration of the machine. When used in a shop the jeweler usually  (or should always) checks for loose stones and tightens anything that may seem to have gotten loose before actually delivering the ring.