Crafting Brilliance

At MoissaniteRings.com, we do not just create jewelry; we craft super high-quality masterpieces. Our commitment to precision and artistry ensures that each piece reflects the dedication to excellence that defines our brand.

For us, offering top value is not just a promise; it's a commitment!

Expect nothing less than perfection.

Every single piece is made by us and tailored in New York City.

Meet the founders 

Husband and Wife – Juan and Lauren, partners in life and in crafting brilliance.

Established in 2011, MoissaniteRings.com is a testament to their shared vision and commitment to excellence.

Customer-Obsessive Approach

Customer satisfaction is our unwavering priority. The Head of Customer Operations, Lauren, ensures that every interaction is seamless and delightful. Behind the scenes, Juan oversees quality control and manufacturing, ensuring that our creations surpass expectations.

Founder's Expertise

Juan's journey began with roles at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Tiffany and Company. Drawing from these prestigious experiences, he founded MoissaniteRings.com to redefine the standards of high-quality jewelry.

Environmental Responsibility

We take pride in having the best environmental practices. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of MoissaniteRings.com. When you choose us, you're not just choosing amzing jewelry; you're choosing our precious Planet.


Prepare to own a stunning work of art as we make the most magnificent piece of jewelry for you. Nobody is going to make it better. Guaranteed!

MoissaniteRings.com is a brand from Rubert & Company.