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Article: 6 Wedding Jewelry Rules You Need to Know

6 Wedding Jewelry Rules You Need to Know


The most important day in the life of every girl is the day when they get married. All their focus that day is on getting the dress right for such a huge occasion. But if the dress is what makes your wedding, then jewelry is what makes your dress. The power of jewelry cannot be underestimated.

Brides need to understand the importance of getting the perfect jewelry for their wedding day attire. Everything must match that day and there is no room for error since all eyes will be on the bride. So, if you are a bride to be, here are 6 wedding jewelry rules you definitely need to know.

1.     Get The Jewelry Right

Jewelry plays an important role in bringing the whole look together. So whatever theme or style you choose, make sure that your jewelry does not overshadow your dress, because people, in years to come, will only remember your dress.

2.     Do Not Buy the Jewelry Before The Dress

Buying the jewelry before your dress can be a risky idea. Many brides end up buying a dress completely different from what they thought they will wear. So, buying jewelry before you decide your dress can lead to a possibility that your jewelry and dress do not match, hence, leaving you with an incomplete look.

3.     Take Your Headpiece Along When You Go To Buy Jewelry

If you are going to wear a headpiece on your big day, take it along with you when you go to buy jewelry. It is necessary for your earrings to match your headpiece, as well as suit your face and complement the style of your gown. Thus, the jewelry must enhance your look. Our diamond halo earrings may be just what you need.

4.     Include Color Into You Jewelry

Depending upon your theme and color scheme, buy jewelry accordingly. For example, if you wish to walk the aisle wearing white, our "Love" Ring and Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band may just add to your beauty. If you plan to wear red, our Diamond Nameplate and Diamond Pave Wedding Set Engagement Ring and Wedding Band can complement your look.

5.     Exercise Your Style

Many brides do not want to match their outfit with their jewelry on their big day. They feel it is boring and unattractive. They like to express their own style in a unique way. They do not like to follow trends, rather express their own style and dress in a way that they stay in their comfort zone.

6.     Do Not Over Do It

Make your own style statement. You can accentuate one part of your body by wearing a large piece of jewelry over it, while balancing the rest with smaller pieces. Sometimes, combination of a bracelet and earrings also works.

Remember, your wedding jewelry must be such that you can wear it after your big day too such as on your anniversary or other formal events. So, if you want to purchase quality, check out our bridal jewelry here.