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Article: A Bang For Your Buck When Buying An Engagement Ring

A Bang For Your Buck When Buying An Engagement Ring

If you have ever thought of taking your commitment to the next level, a beautiful engagement ring is what will make your proposal more perfect. Engagement rings can be expensive, so it is important to ensure that you are buying the perfect size and style for your partner. You do not want to be wasting a huge amount buying something your partner does not wish to wear. Of course, dropping tens of thousands of dollars is not possible for many of us.

So, if you are planning to get engaged in the near future, here is how you can get the most for your money when buying an engagement ring.

1.     Choose The Perfect Ring Setting

Keep your budget in mind while choosing the ring setting. It is not necessary that you buy a large stone that is a little out of your budget, but you can choose a halo setting instead to create the illusion of additional carats. In this type of ring setting, there are smaller stones placed around the larger one in the center. This type of setting enhances the look of the ring by making the center stone look bigger, and can even give it a vintage look making it stand out from other solitaires.

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2.     Pick The Prong Setting

Choose a minimal prong setting over any other setting. A prong setting provides more security to the diamond as the diamond is held 6 metal prongs extending from the base of the ring. These help keep the diamond safely in place. A minimal prong setting helps you save costs because the less the metal used, the lower the cost.. This type of ring setting will make it easier for you to clean the ring, as well as make more of the stone visible.

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3.     Pave Diamonds Can Be Considered

These tiny looking pave diamonds can always add more beauty to your engagement rings. Alongside being less expensive, they are beautiful. When around a larger stone, they make it sparkle magnificently.

4.     Buy Shy

Opting to buy shy can really help you save costs. For example, buy 1.8 carats instead of 2. Since diamond prices jump disproportionately, this can help you save more with the advantage of not much of a noticeable difference.

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5.     Choose Gold Instead Of Platinum

Despite being durable and perfect for people with an active lifestyle, platinum is a natural white metal that is more rare than gold, which makes it a lot more expensive. So, if you want the same kind of look as platinum gives to rings, you can always choose white gold.