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The Moissanite Craze is Real!


The moissanite craze is real and luckily it is here to stay. You may think you haven’t seen a moissanite in person however chances are you have. Remember that co-worker who recently got engaged with the gorgeous “diamond” ring? Well, it could actually be a moissanite but you would never be able to tell. Many people are choosing moissanite over diamonds these days for a number of different reasons. Some have ethical, ecofriendly ring goals, others just want a more affordable option, and almost all have done their research which speaks for itself, the stone is simply amazing.

We are particularly fond of the Charles and Colvard line of stones. They the longest running manufacturers in the industry and have this whole moissanite growing thing down pat.

The budget friendly price point allows for a slightly larger stone when a diamond budget may not. You will be able to have a beautiful colorless stone, with great clarity and an ideal cut while still having money left over to get the perfect setting to put it in.


Does it look like a diamond? What about the sparkle?

Not only does it look like a diamond, it preforms just as well and even better in some areas. Almost impossible to tell apart from a diamond with the naked eye, the average person and even jeweler would need a high power magnification tool to tell the two apart. Just second to a diamond, it’s hardness on the Mohs scale is a 9.25 (diamond, a 10) this makes it a perfect stone for everyday wear. It will not scratch, wear down or become dull, they are extremely durable. Unlike other diamond alternative gemstones this one has SPARKLE! With a refractive index (RI) of 2.69 it displays more brilliance than a diamond (RI 2.42) or any other popular gemstone at that. That is what gives the stone such an exceptional look.


And what about the fire?

Moissanite has a dispersion of 0.104 which exceeds that of any gemstone, including a diamond. Dispersion refers to the prism effect that occurs when light enters a non-opaque object. It will break into a rainbow of colors and reflect back to the viewer. The fire in a stone is determined by dispersion. Its fire exceeds that of any popular gemstone it is 2.4 times the fire of a diamond.


What color can you expect?

There are three grades of moissanite available, colorless Forever One (D-E-F range), near colorless Forever One (G-H-I range) and faint color Classic (J-K range). The colorless Forever One is most desirable however many times people will opt for the near colorless Forever One when choosing a stone over 3 carats to give it a more realistic diamond like look. This is because a colorless natural diamond over 3 carats will cost a small fortune. Fortunately when choosing moissanite you can shake those price tag jitters.


Does moissanite have any inclusions?

Yes, it can have needle-like inclusions that can only be seen under 10x magnification. They are not visible to the naked eye and will not affect the clarity of the stone. It should be mentioned, almost every type of gem will have some sort of inclusion. You should look at them more like a fingerprint of your stone, they are unique characteristics and no two stones will ever be the same.


Is moissanite an ideal cut stone?  

Being a lab grown gemstone you are sure to receive only the most perfect stone. They are carefully and precisely faceted. The stones are cut according to the exact angles and proportions specific to moissanite in order to maximize its brilliance and enhance its spectacular fire.


How is moissanite created?

Charles and Colvard, are the pioneers in this quickly growing industry. They have the science of growing moissanite perfected. The process is complicated, expensive and very time consuming this will limit the output which is why it can take up to three months to create a single gem. All these years of development have led to a very rigorous process for production. There are exact specifications and very high standards of quality control that are met. Every gem is produced in a meticulously controlled facility by extremely highly skilled professionals. After production all moissanite will undergo stringent testing for quality and purity along with numerous rounds of stone grading before being released for sale.


Will the appearance of the moissanite change over the years?               

No, the stone will stay just as beautiful as the first day you laid your eyes on it. Charles & Colvard provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty which guarantees every created moissanite gemstone will maintain its fire and brilliance forever.

So, there you have it, moissanite is incredible! The biggest difference between moissanite and a diamond is price. This stone will make the perfect centerpiece in any engagement ring. Oh, and talk about a lifetime commitment, a Charles and Colvard moissanite has a warranty that covers it for LIFE!   How can you go wrong?!


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