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Article: How to Tell Your Fiancé You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

How to Tell Your Fiancé You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

You might not have thought of this scenario before. You just got engaged to the love of your life, but, you hate your ring. It’s like having the wrong ring with the right guy. We understand what a dilemma that you are in. It’s not like you want a bigger and a more expensive ring, it’s just the ring that you did get is not your style. Don’t worry if this has happened to you, because it happens to some women. Here’s what you really need to do:

Stop Panicking

You must have started panicking after seeing the ring, but we would like to tell you to sit back and take a deep breath. Don’t think that he does not know you well just because he got a ring that you did not like. Taste is very subjective and this time your taste did not match. It is also possible that your fiancé might have taken someone else’s recommendation and they might have suggested the ring for you.

Think It Over

We would suggest that you take a few days to think about the situation. No matter how much you dislike the ring, you can wait for a few days before talking to your fiancé. Live with the ring for a week or two and see if grows on you. Remember the fact that you just got engaged. Be happy for that because the ring can surely wait.

Know Where He is Coming From

Ask your fiancé in a subtle manner about what made him pick the ring. You never know what he might say. Maybe he has a great story to tell or may it is a family heirloom that will make you go weak in the knees and actually see the sentiment behind the ring.

Figure Out What You Don’t Like About the Ring

If you don’t like the ring after a few days, it is okay as you can always pick something that you love. Make sure you figure out what you don’t like about the ring before you talk to your fiancé. If you don’t like the setting of the ring, let him know why perhaps it's too dainty for your active lifestyle or maybe he chose a solitaire and you'd like to add some stones to the band. Overall i'm sure he would appreciate your feedback if presented kindly and well thought out.  If you want a bigger ring, you might want to skip the idea of talking to your fiancé because that might have been the only thing that was within his budget. The size can always be upgraded in the future. 

Talk to Your Fiancé

If you have made up your mind, talk to your fiancé. Remember that proposing to you was an emotional experience for him as well, so you need to proceed carefully. Do not insult the ring and make sure that you take things in positive light. Let him know that you love him but the ring is really not you. Ask him if you can look into the idea of possibly having a new setting made and mention you'd love to work on this together, after all it will be one of the most sentimental pieces you'll ever own. 

If you aren’t engaged but are sure that your boyfriend is about to propose, it is a good idea to drop hints from the very beginning. We hope this article helped you out. Good luck and congratulations on being engaged!